Why is a standardization of SPE connector systems useful?

For smooth digital communication, a wide range of different standards must be coordinated. In order to give users the security of the Intercompatibility of different systems, standardization is also necessary in the SPE environment, and the connector systems must be adapted to all parameters of the protocol level.

Why commit to a common SPE standard?

If a connector system is only considered at the end of a technological development, drastic limitations in performance may threaten the system. For example, the influence of the connector system on the signal quality or the maximum cable length could be ignored. The advantages of the new technology will be curtailed right at the start. The comprehensive cooperation of as many system participants as possible in the run-up to standardization is crucial when defining connectors.

"For SPE systems, the normative process is currently in progress but not yet completed. The statement circulated by some manufacturers and the trade press that the market has already agreed on a mating face is therefore wrong".

Simon Seereiner, Head of Product Management SAI & IE at Weidmüller

Which areas play an important role within standardization?

The specifications that a connector system must meet are defined in common standards such as IEEE or ISO/IEC. They include mechanical specifications such as tolerances and dimensions as well as environmental conditions and necessary tests. The electrical specifications are also included. They require the coordination of various parameters. This especially applies to data or signal transmission, which begins with the processor and continues through the circuit board to the various components. Here, standardization ensures the entire connection of passive and active components and enables all requirements to be met.

What is the current status of standardization?

There is no binding standard yet. Like circular connectors, various connector faces are still undergoing standardization. These are already listed in IEC 63171. The work on IEC 63171 is not yet completed.

What role do user organizations play in the standardization process?

IEC standardization is the first step in the establishment of new connector systems. However, it is generally true that a connector face does not achieve market relevance even with international standardization. This is often due to national and international user organizations such as PROFINET. They decide which system to use in accordance with the application.

Has the market already agreed on a connector face?

The normative process for SPE systems is currently in progress, but not yet completed. The statement circulated by some manufacturers and the trade press that the market has already agreed on a connector face is therefore incorrect. Important user organizations such as PROFINET are currently forming opinions and will deal with this topic in the future. The following table provides information on the current status of the standardization of connector faces.

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