Technology Days

Virtual SPE Technology Days 2020

On September 22 and 23, the Technology Days of the SPE System Alliance took place for the first time. In a digital conference, you had the opportunity to learn about the added value of communication technology in presentations given by experts from various industries and technology sectors. The digital conference was framed by a keynote, discussion panels and an exhibition.

On this page you will find all presentations again as video.

Welcome to the SPE Technology Days
Moritz Wellige | Phoenix Contact
Simon Seereiner | Weidmüller
Keynote: Use Cases for SPE
Xaver Schmidt | PNO/PI
Available PHYs and Switches
Karl Lehnhoff | EBV
Testing und troubleshooting for SPE
Christian Schillab | Fluke Networks
Introduction to 10BASE-T1S
Henry Muyshondt | Microchip
Connectors for SPE
Verena Neuhaus | Phoenix Contact
Simon Seereiner | Weidmüller
Cables for SPE
Bruno Escher | Prysmian
Industrial Switches for SPE
Uwe Nolte | Phoenix Contact
Benefits of SPE for sensors in automation
Frank Moritz | SICK
SPE in Commercial Buildings
Wendelin Achermann | Datwyler
SPE for Building Automation
Matthias Gerber | Reichle & De-Massari
SPE for automotive and the transfer into industrial automation
Thomas Keller, Michael Wollitzer | Rosenberger
One-pair Ethernet in the Automotive Industry
Kirsten Matheus | BMW
Closing Words
Torsten Janwlecke | Phoenix Contact
Jörg Scheer | Weidmüller