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The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance is a worldwide association of leading technology companies. We want to implement and further develop the pioneering Single Pair Ethernet technology. Together and holistically.

One for all. All for one.

The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance stands for the planning and future security of this new technology. The companies in the alliance contribute themselves and their experience. And they participate in the exchange of know-how between the different industries. Interesting for you?

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news and events

18th of May 2022

Member Statement by Jörg Scheer

Single Pair Ethernet will establish as the network infrastructure for the Industrial IoT. This conviction is shared by all our members, including founding member Weidmüller.

25th of April 2022

Unstoppable into the future

Single Pair Ethernet is the technology of the future and will become unstoppable. We explain why here.

7th of April 2022


The 15-page technical paper was written by members of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance. It outlines multidrop SPE, providing a comprehensive explanation of the current status of the technology and its use cases.