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Connectors according to a uniform standard

Connectors are an important connection and disconnection point. The task of the connector is to transmit optical signals and/or electrical power. The external interface is the device interface. Depending on the operating conditions, interfaces are used in protection class IP20 or in M8/Ml 2 designs for IP6X.

From semiconductors to sensors to sliprings:

In this video playlist, our members present their newest solutions for Single Pair Ethernet.

IEC 63171 - basic standard with all specifications and test sequences

Depending on the requirements, different PCB sockets, connectors, wall bushings, etc. are used. Here is an overview of the standards offered by members of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance:

IEC 63171-2

IP20 | MICE 1


The smallest SPE connectors for building and industrial cabling.

Power over Dataline (PoDL acc. to IEEE 802.3bu/cg)

Plug compatible with -5 (for use as a service interface)


IEC 63171-5

IP6X | MICE 1 / 2 / 3


SPE connectors in MB / Ml 2 format for cabling at field level and to sensors.

Power over Dataline (PoDL acc. to IEEE 802.3bu/cg)

Plug-in compatible with -2 (for use as a service interface)


IEC 63171-7

IP20 / IP6X | MICE 1 / 2 / 3

Zeichnung IEC 63171-7

SPE connector in Ml 2 format for hybrid cabling. Data and additional power contacts for up to 60 V DC / 8 A