The alliance – Our vision

The network for the Industrial IoT network infrastructure.

The alliance – Our vision

The network for the Industrial IoT network infrastructure.

The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance has been formed to make the most of the enormous potential of this new technology for the future.

All members share the common goal of promoting single pair Ethernet technology for the Industrial IoT and all other relevant application areas.

Single Pair Ethernet Grafik


Unstoppable into the future

Data is changing our lives: the way we interact, treat diseases, produce, travel, protect society and much more. Smart cities with smart buildings and smart mobility solutions are one example. Another is smart factories, where production plants and systems are networked together, optimally controlled by artificial intelligence and Big Data applications.

The key to this is fast access to data and seamless communication, both within the networks and from the sensor to the cloud. This is precisely where Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) comes into its own.


Communication without barriers

SPE is based on the gateway-less IP protocol and communication architecture that are already standard today – IEEE 802.3 Ethernet. As a physical layer, it can be easily integrated into any Ethernet application and make it fit for tomorrow. Because with its seamless communication, SPE is the enabler for the (Industrial) Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, offering several advantages over current Ethernet solutions.


One system, numerous advantages

Single Pair Ethernet

The well-known Ethernet and fieldbus solutions conquered the market long ago. But what will the further development look like?


Zwei Männer schauen gemiensam nach unten.

50 million SPE nodes in 2030

Based on its own estimates, the IEEE forecasted a market potential of 250 million SPE nodes in the future in all markets, 50 million of them in factory automation. We wanted to confirm these numbers and came up with a model based on our own research and experience.

Our forecast takes into account historical data from PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as industrial protocols market data provided by HMS (HMS Website Industrial network market shares 2020 according to HMS Networks). The data shows how each of the existing technologies has penetrated the market and evolved over its lifecycle. Additionally, several experts were asked for their views on the market development of SPE. This resulted in a dynamic model of the industrial network market for Single Pair Ethernet.

On this basis, and taking into account the cannibalization of existing network technologies, we can make informed assumptions about the market potential of SPE. Even with moderate market penetration, SPE will have a market share of around 10 percent in 2030, which corresponds to about 50 million nodes – this is in line with the IEEE predictions. With rapid market penetration, the figure could even be as high as 180 million nodes. Other industrial market segments such as process automation and building automation will increase these numbers significantly.


The long-term perspective

A seamless, compact, high-performance, and cost-effective network architecture is the basis for the technologies of the future – in society as well as in industry. For this reason, and based on our analysis, we project that there is a total long-term potential exceeding one billion network nodes for SPE.

Our target. Our mission.

In the alliance, manufacturers of sensors, cables, connectors, measuring devices, chips, switches, end devices and companies from online education work together. Our goal is to establish Single Pair Ethernet solutions in as many markets and applications as possible and to create a common market standard. This is the basis of our mission:

How we work.

In regularly held working groups, experts from the member companies drive the technology of Single Pair Ethernet forward. In this way, we create a basis for exchanging knowledge and ideas within the alliance and generate content that can be used both for the System Alliance and for the individual members. From cables and connectors, to standardization, to market analysis and marketing – each member is invited to contribute their strengths while benefiting from the Alliance’s know-how.


The medium- and long-term prospects are clear: SPE will prevail in the market. This is because there is no other network technology that offers comparable performance and benefits.

Would you like to help shape the communications infrastructure of tomorrow? We are happy for every new member in the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance! Here you can find out how you can easily become a member.

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