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Single Pair Ethernet Whitepaper.

References – Whitepaper



Networking opportunities with Single Pair Ethernet for CAPIEL manufacturers

Switchgear, controlgear and their assemblies are getting smarter thanks to more powerful embedded electronics. The emerging Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology enables these network components to interact with the control systems into which they are integrated. This presentation analyses the potential transformation of industrial communication networks from traditional fieldbus to SPE, as well as the associated challenges and benefits on the market.

The major business trend is the development of industrial internet of things using digital twin information models for increasing the effectiveness of the manufacturing and electrical distribution systems where the increased connectivity and interoperability of switchgear and controlgear plays a significant role, including the flexibility to adapt information exchanges in systems more rapidly. Challenges such as the carbon footprint reduction required by EU regulations and the required new skills should be managed.


Belimo, Thermokon and WAGO

Utilizing Single Pair Ethernet in Building Automation

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is designed to replace classic serial field installation based on RS-485 or proprietary technology. Two wires, i.e., one wire pair, will be sufficient for seamless connection in the future, from the field device (sensor/actuator) to the cloud and back, using proven IP-based communication protocols, such as BACnet/IP and BACnet/SC, Modbus/TCP or KNX/IP. The advantages are obvious: Seamless communication eliminates gateways; a single wire pair saves weight, space and installation time. With Power over Data Line (PoDL), SPE also offers the option of powering communication devices via the same wire pair.

But what is the right IEC 802.3 profile to make use of it in building automation applications? The companies Belimo, Thermokon and WAGO use this positioning paper to move a step forward and to come to a conclusion.

Texas Instruments

How to Implement an IEEE 802.3cg or 802.3bu-Compliant PoDL PSE

With SPE also PoDL often comes along, this whitepaper explains the requirements and implementation of the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)

Texas Instruments

IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1L Power over Data Lines Powered Device Design

In this application note you can read how a PoDL Powered Device (PD) can be implemented.

Texas Instruments

How an Why to Use Single Twisted-Pair Ethernet (SPE)

Communication in robotics system designs is undergoing a transformation as it keeps pace with the fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0. In the status quo, robot communications must be robust, accurate, have excellent timing characteristics and neither hinder axis movement, nor be negatively impacted by it. Several important, but disparate, communication interfaces have evolved to meet the stringent requirements of robotics communications and have done so for many years. Increasing speed and bandwidth requirements from robots is starting to exceed the capabilities of these very effective interfaces. This application note shows what to consider when designing with Single Twisted Pair Ethernet to ensure it fits your system requirements.

Eaton Electric GmbH & Weidmüller

Single Pair Ethernet for Field Devices

This whitepaper aims at panel builders, machine manufacturers and product managers who want to understand what Single Pair Ethernet is and how it can help to solve the challenges they are facing. It focuses on the benefits of Single Pair Ethernet for industrial applications and gives an outlook into the future of connecting field devices like sensors, switchgear, etc.

Draka (Prysmian Group)

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) in IIoT and BIoT Environments – a Backwards Compatibility Study

What should we do regarding preparations for the employment of Single Pair Ethernet? Can we benefit from Single Pair Ethernet networks right now? Is it possible to make a smooth transition from existing legacy technologies to the bright future ahead?

In this whitepaper, our Working Group Cables investigates how new Single Pair Ethernet cables can be used to carry legacy bus protocols (Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA and PB, RS485, BacNet, Modbus, Canbus) and to what extent old cables are able to function within future SPE communication networks.

Halo Electronics & UWBX

Immunity from Interference for SPE in Noisy Environments

SPE can be deployed in noisy environments, where capacitive coupling and Common-Mode Choke (CMC) front-end circuits may not offer sufficient CMR to protect the link. Communication drop-outs or complete signal blockage may occur due to interference that is readily found in noisy environments. In this paper we consider the issue with some significant conclusions…


OMNIMATE® Data Ethernet-APL: Reliably connecting field devices in the process industry

Ethernet-compatible interfaces are increasingly needed to access data from the field via IIoT. For the process industry the new technology Ethernet-APL now allows direct access down to the field and device level via an internationally standardized two-wire solution. With this new whitepaper you learn more about the APL technology, possible solutions and benefits.

Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

SPE for Field Communication

Written by our experts from alliance member companies such as Weidmüller, Rosenberger, Fischer Connectors, Sick or Draka Comteq, the document provides an overview of today’s possibilities and opportunities of SPE in a variety of application areas.

Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance


The 15-page technical paper was written by members of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance. It outlines multidrop SPE, providing a comprehensive explanation of the current status of the technology and its use cases.

Phoenix Contact

SPE in industrial applications.

Most Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) trends and innovations aim to harmonize product functions and solution requirements. Read about the features and benefits of SPE in industrial applications.

Reichle & De Massari

Single Pair Ethernet – bereit für die Zukunft.

Read the history of the Single Pair Ethernet. How it works. And why it will make barrier-free communication from the sensor to the cloud with a uniform protocol (IP) possible in the future.


Hardware for the Ethernet of the future.

Learn why SPE is the network infrastructure for Industrial IoT and the benefits that come with it. We will also show you the most important standards and how Weidmüller ensures the industrial suitability of the new technology with its connectors.


Technology Transfer from the Automotive World to Industry

With the RoSPE connector series, Rosenberger has succeeded in developing a space-saving, lightweight and robust industrial connector system that meets the applicable mechanical and environmental requirements.