References – Whitepaper

Single Pair Ethernet Whitepaper.

References – Whitepaper



OMNIMATE® Data Ethernet-APL: Reliably connecting field devices in the process industry

Ethernet-compatible interfaces are increasingly needed to access data from the field via IIoT. For the process industry the new technology Ethernet-APL now allows direct access down to the field and device level via an internationally standardized two-wire solution. With this new whitepaper you learn more about the APL technology, possible solutions and benefits.

Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

SPE for Field Communication

Written by our experts from alliance member companies such as Weidmüller, Rosenberger, Fischer Connectors, Sick or Draka Comteq, the document provides an overview of today’s possibilities and opportunities of SPE in a variety of application areas.

Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance


The 15-page technical paper was written by members of the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance. It outlines multidrop SPE, providing a comprehensive explanation of the current status of the technology and its use cases.

Phoenix Contact

SPE in industrial applications.

Most Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) trends and innovations aim to harmonize product functions and solution requirements. Read about the features and benefits of SPE in industrial applications.

Reichle & De Massari

Single Pair Ethernet – bereit für die Zukunft.

Read the history of the Single Pair Ethernet. How it works. And why it will make barrier-free communication from the sensor to the cloud with a uniform protocol (IP) possible in the future.


Hardware for the Ethernet of the future.

Learn why SPE is the network infrastructure for Industrial IoT and the benefits that come with it. We will also show you the most important standards and how Weidmüller ensures the industrial suitability of the new technology with its connectors.


Technology Transfer from the Automotive World to Industry

With the RoSPE connector series, Rosenberger has succeeded in developing a space-saving, lightweight and robust industrial connector system that meets the applicable mechanical and environmental requirements.