Highly compatible:

Connectors according to a uniform standard

The basis for the barrier-free networking of components, cables, and connectors is formed by standardized connector faces. Leading connector manufacturers are currently pushing the development of a standardized connector face. The developments include IP20 to IP6X connectors. For industrial cabling in IP67, which is suitable for rough field use, the connector face according to IEC 63171-5 was developed. It is preferably intended for M8 connector systems in the sensorics sector. A connector face according to IEC 63171-2 has been developed for IP20 control cabinet cabling. Due to its compact dimensions, it enables double the port density compared to RJ45 interfaces.

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Especially compact:

Plug and socket variants for established inductive sensors and flying leads

The IEC 63171-2 connector face is currently the most compact connector system for SPE applications. It saves up to 50% of space compared to RJ45 interfaces. The vertical arrangement of the two contacts provides a very high packing density. Device manufacturers can thus save important space on the PCB and build smaller devices. This reduces port costs in device construction and effectively saves space in the control cabinet.


Simply integrated:

Plug and socket variants for established inductive sensors and flying leads

The connector face according to IEC 63171-5 allows full integration into standard M8 components due to its compact design. All options are thus open at field level, and flying cable-cable connections can be implemented as well as device connections with male and female contacts.
Even the integration of the SPE interface in established inductive sensors is possible.


Efficiently wired:

Plug-and-play even with existing cabling infrastructures

The connector face according to IEC 63171-2 can also be used for existing cabling infrastructures due to the use of RJ45 adapters. This is a decisive advantage especially in the area of building cabling.

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Extremely flexible:

Field-terminable connectors and pre-assembled patch cables

For more flexibility in the field, we offer pre-assembled patch cables in various lengths, as well as field-assembled connectors with IDC fast-connection technology.

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