Review SPS 2023

The Alliance at the SPS trade fair: Innovation and success with Single Pair Ethernet!

After our impressive debut at Hannover Messe 2023, we even surpassed our success at this year’s SPS trade fair in Nuremberg! More than 25 partners from our global community used this platform to present their latest innovations in the field of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

Technology diversity: from sensors to test centers

From diverse sensor solutions, switches and controllers to evaluation boards, field devices, cables and connectors – the range of technologies presented was impressive. A particular highlight was our comprehensively equipped test centers for SPE and Advanced Physical Layer (APL).

Live demonstrations: SPE technology in action

Our inspiring product presentations and live demonstrations, including “SPE from the sensor to the cloud”, “Multidrop communication with 10BASE T1-S”, “SPE and APL for long lengths up to 1,000 m” and “SPE with 100 Mbit/s over 100 m”, made the added value of SPE technology tangible.

The numerous, detailed technical discussions confirmed that SPE is firmly established in the market as a technology of the future. We were able to immerse ourselves directly in in-depth discussions on product and technology topics, which enabled us to highlight new ideas and solutions for our prospective customers.

Community and growth: Single Pair Ethernet alliance grows

We were particularly pleased that we were able to attract around 20 new interested parties to join our strong and steadily growing global alliance. Over the three days of the trade fair, our team of experts held around 400 technical discussions at the stand. Numerous video statements from our members were also recorded. The fact that Single Pair Ethernet is a key technology for the challenges of the future was once again confirmed to us by the management teams of our members Weidmüller, Phoenix Contact and Rosenberger.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to our stand and all those who visited us. Your commitment and interest have made this success possible. We are already looking forward to the other trade fairs and events in 2024 and to seeing the SPE community continue to grow!

Insights from SPS in Nuremberg


What characterizes the Single Pair Ethernet Alliance and why is it worth being a member of this strong alliance? What do applications look like and what are application examples? Here we present an insight from the SPS in Nuremberg 2023.



Under the motto “Bringing Automation to live”, the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance had its own stand at this year’s SPE in Nuremberg. What drives SPE on the market? And what are the inspirations behind Single Pair Ethernet? Frederic Klein (Sr. VP Global Sales at Rosenberger), Volker Bibelhausen (CTO – Weidmüller Group) and Torsten Janwlecke (Chief Operating Officer – COO at Phoenix Contact) provide the answers.


That was the SPS 2023 in Nuremberg! We would like to thank all members, helpers and interested parties for their support and the fantastic atmosphere! We look forward to the next trade fairs and continue to be passionate about “Bringing automation to life”!

Statements by our Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance members


Alessandro Ingrassia (Canova Tech Srl), SPS Nuremberg

Alessandro Ingrassia from Canova Tech introduces his company’s portfolio. Canova Tech offers semiconductor IP for chip manufacturers focussing on Single Pair Ethernet applications and 10BASE-T1S. Featured in the video: a  10BASE-T1S media converter.



Ivan Corsini (Datwyler IT Infra), SPS Nuremberg

Ivan Corsini is presenting the new Single Pair Ethernet portfolio from Datwyler IT Infra. One pair of conductors is sufficient to transmit data over a distance of up to 1,000 meters.



Florian Sauter, Fritz Kübler, SPS Nuremberg

Fritz Kübler presents the new slip ring SR085 based on Single Pair Ethernet. Drastically reduced in size thanks to SPE, the device can be integrated into a broader range of applications. 



Sebastian Hilscher, Hilscher, SPS Nuremberg

Sebastian Hilscher (Hilscher) on the benefits of Single Pair Ethernet for industrial networks. He is particularly convinced by the seamless connection capability between sensors and the cloud, the range of up to 1,000 meters, and the fact that only one programming tool is required for sensor configuration.



Manfred Walter, JUMO, SPS Nuremberg

Manfred Walter (JUMO) on the interoperability of 10BASE-T1L. The technology enables seamless device communication across the entire automation pyramid, from the field level up to the ERP system and the cloud.



Luis Torres, Methode Electronics, SPS Nuremberg 

10BASE-T1L allows data transmission in industrial networks of up to 1,000 meters. Luis Torres (Methode Electronics) shows a live demo of the technology.



Matthias Karcher, Microchip , SPS Nuremberg

Discover Microchip’s demo of a 10BASE-T1L Multi-Drop Single Pair Ethernet implementation interconnected with a control unit, a switch and various sensors. The sensor parameters are shown on a display.


Tim Kindermann, Phoenix Contact, SPS Nuremberg

The Single Pair Ethernet M12 hybrid connector by Phoenix Contact enables data transfer and power supply in industrial applications via a single cable. The technology presents new opportunities for robotics, industrial automation, sensors and drives.



Thomas Keller, Rosenberger, SPS Nuremberg

Thomas Keller (Rosenberger) presenting a small T-adapter for 10BASE-T1S Multi-Drop applications and a connector with MAC-PHY integration.



David Bessonen, Telebyte, SPS Nuremberg

David Bessonen (Telebyte) introducing their universal test set-up for Physical Layer product design, performance and interoperability.



Andreas Broshinski, WAGO, SPS Nuremberg

Andreas Broshinski (WAGO) on the company’s terminal blocks with lever actuator for Single Pair Ethernet. The main advantage: you don’t need any special mating faces. By integrating the terminal directly to your PCB, any type of cable can be utilized.


Albrecht Lohöfener, Weidmüller, SPS Nuremberg

Albrecht Lohöfener (Weidmüller) introducing the company’s first Single Pair Ethernet Multi-Drop switch with three SPE ports and two RJ-45 ports working with controllers by different vendors.



Matthias Taub, Wieland Electric, SPS Nuremberg

Matthias Taub (Wieland Electric) introducing his company and talking on the potential of Single Pair Ethernet for the industry.



Yuri Luskind, Zemfyre, SPS Nuremberg

Yuri Luskind (Zemfyre) showing a demo of a Single Pair Ethernet long-distance connection between a camera, a switch, and a power controller.